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Young women, especially women of color, are leading the charge

📌Navajo-Hopi Observer No excuses, mail-in voting is constitutional, Arizona judge rules in GOP lawsuit

PHOENIX — In a lawsuit brought by the Arizona Republican Party, Mohave County Superior Court Judge Lee Jantzen ruled June 6 that mail-in voting is constitutional. This is good news for Native American voters in Arizona, [whose rural locations often make it hard getting to a polling place].

Jaynie Parrish,a kossack! executive director for Navajo County Democrats, said many people on the permanent early voting list would have been affected, including many Native Americans. She said in February, as Navajo County Democrats instituted a new program called Family Votes [lead by long-experienced Matriarchs from rural and tribal communities of the Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe, White Mountain, Yavapai and San Carlos Apache Nations]. “We absolutely have to make sure that everyone we try to contact knows that they can update their registration with us…”

June 14 “As Stacey Abrams said, ‘We can overwhelm the system with our presence.’ In other words, our Democratic and Independent votes can win the midterm elections. That’s why we created the Family Votes program Matriarch under the umbrella of the Native Democrats of Northeast Arizona Several weeks ago, we launched our innovative grassroots initiative to recruit and train more Native Matriarchs so they can enroll their families and communities. to vote and then bring them to the polls. There is no limit to what can be achieved, real community change, advocacy, holding leadership positions and best of all, running for office. our communities are the direct line and the heart of our social structures, based on clan and kinship.For generations, we have been the directors of civic engagement.The women of our communities advance the things.

… The White House released a report in March, which explained how Native Americans and Alaska Natives are voting at rates below the national average, although a surge in votes helped President Joe Biden win in Arizona, a state that hadn’t backed a Democrat since 1996…

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📌We’ve all seen the story of the 10-year-old girl who had to travel out of state to get an abortion, and the journalistic malpractice who tried to cast doubt on its reality. Here is a WaPo piece about how journalists and politicians have tried to suppress this story.

📌HuffPoWomen Ohio Girl’s Abortion Doctor Issues Cease and Desist Warning to Indiana Attorney General

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita’s derisory and baseless attacks on Dr. Caitlin Bernard are totally “false and defamatory” and risk inciting “harassment and violence” which could prevent Bernard from providing safe care of its patients, says the letter sent on Friday. Rokita’s action “forms the basis of a defamation claim that may give rise to legal action”, the letter warned….

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📌AlJazeeraPhotos: Child marriage and FGM on the rise in drought-stricken Horn of Africa

📌Project Fuller The hidden toll of heat waves in South Asia for women.

📌ReutersFndn Ahead of Kenyan elections, female politicians face more vicious online abuse

📌 ReutersFndn Indigenous women of Ecuador create a trauma center in the context of increasing violence in the Amazon

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📌The 19th. Latino veterans saw themselves in Vanessa Guillén. A new documentary tells their stories. Andrea Patiño Contreras, the director of the film, talks about the making of the film, the resilience of survivors of military sexual violence. [wik:]

📌Restlessness from the BBC Maryland is an “artistic response” to violence against women based on the original Lucy Kirkwood to play.

Co-directed with renowned documentary maker Brian Hill, BBC’s Maryland tackles the violence faced by women and is inspired by recent real-life events, including the tragic murders of British women Sarah Everard, Bibaa Henry, Nicole Smallman and Sabina Nessa. The plot centers on two individual Marys who cross paths in a police station following their respective sexual assaults…. “They’re backed by a cast of Furies who speak out against the injustices women face, both in the events of the play and in the world at large.”

📌Reuters via medscape in a filing Thursday in federal court in Jackson, Mississippi, GenBioPro Inc, which makes a generic version of the drug mifepristone, said the drug’s FDA approval means SCOTUS’ recent decision eliminating the National abortion law, however, does not allow Mississippi to prevent the manufacturer of abortion drugs from selling its product there.

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Slideshow 📌medscape « Medscape Physicians’ views on gender discrimination: Strong emotions, contrary opinions.

📌medscape Doctors Fear Violating Abortion Laws After Roe v. wade

📌Undark via medscapeHow abortion laws affect prenatal genetic testing and doctors’ ability to discuss options if the fetus is not viable.

📌AlJazeera The United States House of Representatives has voted to restore the right to abortion nationwide…

… after the nation’s top court overturned its landmark Roe v. Wade decision last month, sparking protests and calls for action from lawmakers.

The Democratic-controlled House passed the bill with 219 votes in favor and 210 against on Friday afternoon, but it is unlikely to become law as it lacks the necessary support in the equally divided Senate….


📌WebMD via medscape Formalize an existing working group, the Justice Department announced the launch of a Reproductive Rights Task Force to prevent state and local governments from going too far based on the Dobbs ruling. The task force will monitor state and local legislation and consider legal action against states that ban abortion drugs, out-of-state travel for an abortion, and other measures attempting to block state-authorized reproductive health services. federal law. The task force includes representatives from the Justice Department’s Civil Division, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Attorney’s Offices, Solicitor General’s Office, Access to Justice Office, Counsel’s Office Office of Legal Policy, Office of Legislative Affairs, Office of the Associate Attorney General, Office of the Deputy Attorney General and Office of the Attorney General. The task force is responsible for coordinating federal government responses, working with federal agencies, including on proactive and defensive legal action.

… The Department of Justice will also continue to work with external groups, such as reproductive service providers, attorneys, and state attorneys general’s offices. He will also work with the Office of President’s Counsel to organize a meeting with private pro bono lawyers, bar associations and public interest groups to encourage lawyers to represent patients, providers and others in reproductive health services business….

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The just diatribe of 📌rebel ga: Note to GOP – Are you totally crazy people? What is your love affair with a deadly weapon? Videos, links, images — energy!

📌The Talk International tennis star Ons Jabeur is Tunisia’s “minister of happiness”. She is the first African and the first Arab tennis player since 1968 to reach a Grand Slam of tennis singles final, as she has now done at Wimbledon.

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