Too Hot To Handle’s Emily and Cam admit that they discuss marriage and babies “all the time”


On season two of the Netflix reality show Too Hot To Handle, more than 29 million households watched Emily Miller and Cam Holmes hold back from getting too intimate to win $ 100,000.

The rules for the sexy singles are enforced by Lana, a virtual assistant and Alexa-style device that keeps an eye on contestants and withdraws money from the prize fund if their antics are deemed illegal.

While Emily, 27, and Cam, 25, struggled at the beginning, they assure us that they were taking full advantage of the fact that they didn’t have to abide by the rules of the show after filming was over. “Sometimes it was too much,” laughs Emily. “But we had to catch up a lot!”

The idea was to leave the show to have deeper and more meaningful relationships built. Emily and Cam did that and recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary together.

Too Hot To Handle stars Emily Miller and Cam Holmes opened the doors to their new East London apartment

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After the show, they moved into Emily’s mother’s house together. But now they are looking forward to exclusively opening the doors to their own home – a fabulous two-bedroom apartment in East London.

Around this time last year, Cam was a part-time model delivering packages for Hermes in Newport. Emily was also into modeling and was an avowed “dossier” – so it’s safe to say that her life has changed quite a bit.

Twelve months later, they have gained 3.7 million Instagram followers and are invited to events across the country. “I’m offended if I’m not invited to something now,” jokes Emily, while Cam adds, “I’m very grateful for the life I have now.”

Here the couple, who are now signed with FOMO Models, reveals everything about their new home, plans to start a family and Cam announces that he has an appointment for the proposal …

The couple blew up on social media and recently signed with FOMO Models
The couple blew up on social media and recently signed with FOMO Models

Hello both! Your apartment is amazing, how do you enjoy life together?

Emily: Having a seat of your own is so different, but much better.

Cam: Yeah, it’s a lot nicer. We feel like real adults now. When we lived with Em’s mother, she helped us with a lot of things. It’s good to have our own space.

Who did the decoration?

Emily: You might be surprised to hear that, but it was actually 50/50. He’s surprisingly good at the whole inner side of things. Sometimes he was a bit unscrupulous and would buy things without asking me, but then when they showed up I would be like, “Oh, actually, yes, they are really nice.”

Cam: I’ve always been so excited to have my own space, decorate it, and choose color schemes. I think people would think guys aren’t really into interior design, but I love it. I love to combine things. Everything fits together with me.

Emily: I would call it obsessive-compulsive disorder. He has the worst obsessive-compulsive disorder!

Cam: Yes, I’m not that bad with cleanliness, but I am bad with organization. I like it when everything is put away and everything looks clean from the outside.

Emily: If I take out a pen, get a piece of paper, when I get back the pen is gone! I like it to be tidy, but a house is also a home.

Emily and Cam admit they talked about getting married and having babies
Emily and Cam admit they talked about getting married and having babies

Is cams worst habit, Emily?

Emily: Yeah, putting Cam away definitely annoys me, but then I tell him how he hangs up the laundry. We both have bad habits.

Cam: I think the problem is that we’re both pretty stubborn so we argue. I think most men would just say “yes, no problem” while I say “no”.

Emily: I’m used to people saying yes to everything, but he actually says no.

Did you make the best of not having to follow Lana’s rules after you left the show?

Cam: Oh yeah! [laughs]

Emily: We had a lot of catching up to do!

Cam: Yeah, it’s been weird weeks. We didn’t do anything else [having sex]. We’d go to Stranger Things and have sex.

Emily: Yeah, we’ll get a pizza for some energy.

You had a little wandering eye on the show, Cam. Was there anything that annoyed you while watching it, Emily?

Emily: Yeah, all that flirting with Christina [Carmela] Thing, that’s given. Of course I knew about it, but it’s different to see it. It hurt and I was annoyed and he didn’t handle it that well, did it? [to Cam]?

Emily and Cam have opened up about the hurdles they faced on the show
Emily and Cam have opened up about the hurdles they faced on the show

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He just said, “Get over it – it was six months ago!” and I thought, “It doesn’t matter a damn!” But in the end he comforted me and said he was sorry and that’s all I wanted to hear. But he was a bad boy!

Tabitha Clifft tried to get Cam to shower with her. How did it feel to see that?

Emily: That was annoying. I just thought: “Leave my husband alone!” I had a bit of a grudge for a while, but now we’re really just kidding about it. She commented on my photo with Cam the other day and said, “I’m so glad he didn’t shower.” There is water under the bridge.

It’s good! So how did you manage to tame Cam?

Emily: I don’t know. I was just real and I couldn’t really stand his shit. Obviously he attacked me twice, but I felt like I was handling it just fine and was pretty calm. I didn’t overreact and just let him come to his senses instead of pushing him away. I just thought if he’s not interested there are a lot of other guys out here.

Cam: I addressed it on the show, but I knew I had some issues to address. I really didn’t want to go through a toxic, unhealthy relationship again, so I figured I’d deal with all of these bonding issues I have while I can and with the right people. I’m definitely over her now.

And a year later you are still strong. Can you imagine getting married one day?

Both: Yes!

Emily: We talk about it all the time.

Cam: I have a date on my mind.

An appointment to propose?

Cam: Yeah, really.

Emily: When he was drunk he told me he would do it before the end of this year, but I don’t think that’s the case.

Cam: No, because then I thought it was going to be rushed and I wanted time to plan it out and make sure it was perfect. But I have a date on my mind.

Cam said he has a date on his mind when it comes to the proposal
Cam said he has a date on his mind when it comes to the proposal

That’s so exciting! Did you show Cam any rings you like Emily?

Emilie: No.

Cam: I think she just wants an expensive one!

Emily: Yeah, the only thing I said was that if it’s under £ 25,000 I’ll say no! That is the only clause.

Cam: Casual £ 25,000 only! I’m getting on better.

Emily: Just pile £ 25,000 on my finger. [laughs]

Impressive! Do you know what to do for your wedding?

Emily: Before Cam, I never worried about getting married. My parents weren’t married so I grew up thinking that it doesn’t matter and it’s just a piece of paper, so I was never one of them [girls] who dreams of their wedding day and which dress they want. I’ve never looked at dresses or what day I would like to see, but when he proposes I think
I better crack.

They had! Did you also talk about children?

Emilie: Yes! Obviously, I’m older than him and I’m getting on, so I have to bear a few children. I wanted kids when I was 28, but that’s only a year away. Cam is a little bit younger so when we were 30 we compromised.

Cam: Yeah, it’s more, I just have a lot to do before I have kids. I don’t want to be gone here, there and anywhere. I want to be there for you.

Emily: But when Mother Nature takes its course … I stopped using contraceptives. [laughs]

Cam: Don’t say that!

Everyone was shocked when Peter Vigilante and Melinda Berry got together after the show. What did you think?

Emily: I was just as shocked.

Cam: Yes, I love them both, but I don’t know if they are sexually compatible. It’s a strange pairing.

Emily and Cam admitted that they made up for lost time in the bedroom when the show was over
Emily and Cam admitted that they made up for lost time in the bedroom when the show was over

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Emily: Personally, I don’t see their chemistry. Even on her Instagram, which takes her pictures and videos, I don’t see any chemistry. I love her like Cam, but together …

Cam: You have to do what you have to do for likes!

Do you have a WhatsApp group with the other participants?

Cam: We did that, but it died out.

Emily: We’re all just doing our own thing, but most of us have stayed in touch. We’re going to America soon – now that we can – so we can all see.

Have you gained any celebrity fans since you took part in the series?

Emily: Demi Lovato followed me which was pretty great. I wanted to send her a message and say, “This is the best day ever!” but
I thought it might be a little scary.

Cam: I’ve always been a big YouTuber and I got a message from Yung Filly and Behzinga and I liked that.

Emilie: [To Cam] What about girls

Cam: No, I blocked all the girls! [laughs]

But you gotta get a lot of girls to text you cam?

Cam: Yeah. When I go to my message requests they are there but I ignore them.

Emily: We trust each other.

Have you had any discussions about your own TV show?

Cam: We have a few ideas that we’d like to come up with, but I don’t want a show that is just about our lives, I want it to have a premise. I would like a reason for this instead of just having three episodes about us in our apartment.

Emily and Cam are both represented by FOMO Models. See or follow @fomomodels on Instagram


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