Too Hot To Handle Season Two Production Secrets You Must Know


Cam was originally asked to go to Love Island

Too Hot To Handle is officially back in our lives with 10 episodes full of attractive cast members trying to win $ 100,000 by not engaging in sexual activity. While it may seem impossible this year, there is more sex and flirting than there was in season one. And that’s not the only thing that has changed. This season there’s a new mansion, Covid restrictions, and even an entire fake TV show to get the candidates there.

The show was filmed last November at the height of the pandemic and, according to Cam, the cast returned home the day before the lockdown. And that’s not all Cam has revealed. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Cam talked about all of the juicy production secrets behind Too Hot To Handle’s season two.

They had a personal cook, spent a lot of time exercising, and Cam had to see a doctor about his blue eggs. Really. Too Hot To Handle season two production secrets are:

You shot in the Turks and Caicos Islands

That year, Netflix moved the show to Turks and Caicos Islands, with filming taking place in November last year. The villa is reportedly worth $ 25 million and has two private beaches. It has five bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and of course a pool and gym.

The audition included two phone calls

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Last year the contestants were scouted on Instagram and while Cam hasn’t confirmed if it will this year, he said he had two calls with the producers before getting his place on the show.

He said he spoke to them about his dating life and whether he wanted to commit. In all honesty, he should have seen it coming. Cam said, “My first call was obviously ‘Girls, Girls, Girls, Dating, Dating, Dating’ and the second was more, ‘What else do you have to offer? Do you have another side of you? ‘”

Cam announced that he had previously been asked to go to Ex On The Beach and Love Island, but turned them down. He said he was glad he did Too Hot To Handle as he felt he had something from the show and learned more about himself.

They would hang out with their chaperones during their quarantine period

Before the show began filming, all attendees were quarantined and given a chaperone. They weren’t allowed to use their phones, but they could watch TV and exercise.

Cam said he would do three workouts a day just to keep himself busy and he also watched a number of movies with his companion. He said, “Me and my chaperone smashed all of the Marvel movies. You used to just work out – I’d say I would swim, but unfortunately I had probably the smallest pool I’ve ever seen, it was a plunge pool so you couldn’t swim in it. I probably worked out three times a day and then read – that’s a lie, I haven’t read. I bought four books, but didn’t touch any of them. “

Most of the filming was done with remote cameras

Since there were so many scenes where the attendees got very left out, it’s a good thing that most of the cameras were remote controlled. The only times they used operational cameras were date scenes and important conversations.

Cam said the operational cameras were often quite intrusive on the data. He said, “Any breach of the rule was never a working camera. That would be really weird – ‘Okay, Cam, get in the shower! We’ll all just watch you! ‘

“It’s weird because you have a date with a girl and there are eight sweaty men around you with their cameras and they don’t tell you anything. You just have to remember that this is your job and you are used to it. “

Most of the time, they filmed the confessional scenes

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It’s often hard to tell when confessional scenes are filmed, but Cam said on Too Hot To Handle that they were often filmed right after the event to keep them fresh in your mind.

He said, “It was mostly done for now, otherwise it’s really hard to try to get your head back into this room.”

You really haven’t done much in the villa

Although it looked like they were just breaking Lana’s rules, there wasn’t much to do most of the time. Cam said they would spend their time exercising and sunbathing, walking around like headless chickens. That makes perfect sense.

He said, “It depends on your action – if you’re in scenes or socializing, some days are going to be busier than others. If not, I’ve literally trained, sunbathed – half the time you walk around, literally like a headless chicken. “

Cam also said they could only tell the time from their meals as clocks were not allowed in the villa.

There were restrictions on alcohol and cigarettes

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In the villa, the performers were allowed to drink any two glasses of alcohol they wanted every evening. They were allowed to smoke, but they had to be secure if they wanted a cigarette.

They had a private chef

Last year’s Too Hot To Handle cast raved about their private chef, and it seems like an on-going theme for season two. Cam said the group are still talking about the iconic burgers they got and also revealed that there was a cabinet full of snacks, including Gatorade and Animal Crackers.

Cam really had to see the doctor about bruises

By the time you’ve been to a few episodes on the show, you’ll be all too familiar with Cam’s blue bullet problem. We all thought he was exaggerating, but in his interview he emphasized the pain he was in and how he had to go to the doctors during the show.

He said, “It was a really bad problem, I couldn’t eat, my stomach hurt, and I felt sick. I actually couldn’t walk for a day. It got so bad that I had to speak to the doctor and was given pain medication. It was the worst in the world, and it actually has a name – epididymal hypertension. “

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