Pnevmo-Capsula: Domiki rolls on Windows, Mac and Linux


Usually, the term “on rails” refers to a highly linear experience over which the player has little control. But sometimes it’s meant much more literally than that, as is the case in Pomeschkin Valentin Igorevich’s recently released steampunk adventure. Pnevmo capsule: Domiki.

The players control a “pneumatic tube car” that has to get from one house to another, all along a long, winding route that runs both indoors and outdoors. To achieve each new goal you must avoid falling or falling into other traps by finding and “opening rails, portals, mechanical mailboxes” and “hidden mechanisms such as springs, telephones and various light bulbs” along the way activate “find your way through and continue.

The world of Pnevmo capsule is based on an alternative reality Russia of the 1970s. Society here developed under “tough” communist rule and is “dominated by bulky analog electronics”. Though fictional, the experience is meant to emulate an authentic Soviet feel, from architecture and mechanics to wallpaper and propaganda advertisements. However, despite the game’s untranslated title, all of the necessary in-game content has been localized into English.

When you’re ready to get started Pnevmo capsule: Domiki, there is no need to wait as the game is available now on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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