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Mayor of Pearl’s claim about hunting suspect facing capital murder charge not true, Hinds officials say

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – Less than a week after Pearl Mayor Jake Windham told a room full of reporters that the suspect fleeing his officers was also a capital murder suspect being investigated by Hinds County District Attorney’s Office, that same office. debunked this claim.

Windham had shared a number of crimes he said were linked to 20-year-old Brandon Andrews, who Pearl police chased in Jackson on Thursday after the individual refused to stop for traffic code violations. road.

Windham provided that list to reporters and also reiterated those allegations at a press conference on Friday, with the most significant claim that Andrews was a suspect in a capital murder case in Jackson, facing charges of kidnapping and murder.

“We like to verify and confirm information before publishing it,” Windham said on Friday. “I want to check something before talking to you guys.”

3 On Your Side began digging into these claims to get a sense of Andrews’ criminal history and what that might say about his actions Thursday that led to the death of beloved postman Brad Pennington, 32. whose routes ran through South Jackson.

This quick search of court documents turned up no indictments for Andrews in Hinds County.

The Hinds County District Attorney’s Office told WLBT on Wednesday that Andrews was not charged at all in the case and they did not know where Windham got this information.

Andrews’ attorney, Trent Walker, calls the capital murder complaint “unsubstantiated”.

“This kid disappeared, was later found dead, and police questioned Mr. Andrews as he was known to have communicated with this young man,” Walker said. “That was the extent of it. As far as I know, he was never a suspect and never charged.

3 On Your Side reached out to Windham and shared the lawyer’s concerns.

Windham came back calling Andrews a suspect in the capital murder case, instead calling him a person of interest in a statement released Wednesday afternoon.

“The information released regarding Brandon Andrews’ criminal history at last Friday’s press conference was then and still is true and accurate,” Windham said in the statement. “Brandon Andrews is a person of interest in a kidnapping and capital murder case in the city of Jackson. Information came directly to Pearl Police investigators from Jackson Police personnel.

Windham said JPD works closely with his city’s police department on a daily basis, sharing information on many cases, including this particular murder case.

3 On Your Side, however, confirmed other charges against Andrews that Windham disclosed.

Flowood Police Chief Rickey McMillan said Andrews was arrested for a felony three months ago for possession of narcotics with intent to distribute and possession of a stolen firearm.

Andrews had been released on bail on the charges, McMillan said.

The Hinds County District Attorney’s Office also confirmed Byram’s charges against Andrews for armed robbery and shooting an occupied vehicle last year, although those charges have yet to be presented to the District Attorney’s Office. .

Windham told reporters twice on Friday that he had shared crimes for which Andrews had also been convicted, although that was also not true.

Nothing in Windham’s statement says Andrews was convicted on any charges.

Walker also addressed rumors circulating on social media that his client had outstanding warrants.

“He’s been arrested and cited multiple times, and if he was wanted, you’d think it would have been discovered,” Walker said. “I would have reason to believe that this officer would have recognized his passing vehicle.”

The lawsuit is being investigated by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the US Postal Service.

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