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Man could be sent back to Canada to face murder charge – Searchlight

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A CANADIAN/VINCENTIAN who is believed to be wanted in Canada on multiple charges relating to the 2016 murder of a Rwandan refugee, will appear in Serious Offenses Court (SOC) today, June 28.

Shamora Robertson was escorted to Kingstown Magistrates Court (KMC) by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Junior Simmons yesterday, June 27.

There, the prosecution, Corporal Corlene Samuel, informed the senior magistrate, Rickie Burnett, that there is a warrant signed by the chief magistrate, Rechanne Browne, in relation to Robertson. The case concerns extradition to Canada for murder.

She requested that Robertson be remanded in custody and appear at the SOC the next day.

After hearing the submission, the magistrate made orders to that effect.

Robertson was soon escorted out of the compound, along with other prisoners destined for the confines of Her Majesty’s prisons. Before he was taken away, while still in the back of a police transport, an older man spoke to him and appeared to be asking police questions for Robertson’s sake.

Robertson’s wanted parents are confirmed to be Vincentians but he was born in Canada.

A message from INTERPOL (the International Criminal Police Organization) lists Shamora Robertson, born in Montreal, Canada in February 1987, as being wanted at her birthplace for first degree murder, assault with a weapon, possession of a firearm knowingly is not permitted and possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition.

According to the ‘Montreal Gazette’ newspaper, Robertson is charged with the murder of Rwandan refugee Gilbert Nshimiyumukiza.

While reporting on the 2016 murder, the Gazette found that Nshimiyumukiza left Rwanda for Canada to avoid the violence he witnessed in his home country during the genocide, including the murder of his two parents. However, he apparently struggled to forget what he witnessed and became a drug addict.

Then, a September 2018 Gazette article informed their audience that just before the trial surrounding Nshimiyumukiza’s death, two defendants, Jermaine Gero and Nikita Hunt (a Vincentian), pleaded guilty respectively to second degree murder and manslaughter. The duo said the deceased owed money for drugs and a group of men went to pick him up on April 30, 2016. Nshimiyumukiza was shot in the head during their visit to his apartment and is subsequently died.