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Would you like to create a package but get stuck in Ubuntu with the error “make: command not found”? In this way you can eliminate the error for good.

The make command is probably one of the most widely used commands in the Linux ecosystem. This command is used to build and compile programs directly from source code.

As a Linux user, you can use the make command to compile utilities and install them from the command line. But sometimes the system throws the error “make: command not found“while users try to package with make.

At the end, you will have a brief understanding of how to fix the “make: command not found” error in Linux.

Fix the error “make: command not found”

While make is one of the standard Linux packages that come pre-installed in most Linux distributions, sometimes it is not available on a system. In this case, every time the user tries to build a package with make, the system returns a “command not found” error.

Before you can fix the problem, you must first check that make is installed on your system. To do this, use the ls function to read the content of the / usr / bin / make Directory:

ls /usr/bin/make

Further check that you can run the command with its absolute path:

/usr/bin/make --version

The above command displays the version of make installed on your system.

If the above methods don’t work and give you an error, then you do not have make installed on your system. In such situations, installing the make command solves the problem.

But first, update your system’s repository list with APT:

sudo apt-get update


Update Linux system

Then install the make command:

sudo apt-get install -y make


Install the Linux make command

If the above commands don’t work, you can install make by running the construction-essential Package as below:

sudo apt install build-essential


sudo apt build-essential linux

The Build Essential package consists of all the necessary packages related to package creation and compilation. The make command is part of these packages.

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Troubleshooting errors in Linux

The make command is an indispensable compiler tool on Linux. The errors provided by the system are usually self-explanatory and experienced users can use the error description to figure out the solution.

In addition to local workstations, Linux-based servers also trigger such errors. You can fix most problems by running a basic check on the server.

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