Chrome 91 benchmarks on Linux show even better performance


Chrome 91 released by default this week with WebAssembly SIMD, new JavaScript APIs, and other improvements. There are also some performance improvements, here are some benchmarks.

Yesterday the Chromium blog posted a new post stating that Chrome 91 can be up to 23% faster and “saves over 17 years of CPU time every day”. The acceleration of Chrome 91 is thanks to the new Sparkplug compiler, short integrated calls and other functions.

After this post I started running some benchmarks. While I can confirm that Chrome 91 is faster than Chrome 90, at least not ~ 23% faster in the web benchmarks that it runs, but generally faster than the previous Chrome 90 stable by single-digit percentages.

From JetStream 2 to ARES-6 to WebXPRT to MotionMark and other browser benchmarks, Chrome 91 was able to achieve an acceleration of 2 to 6% on the Ryzen 5 5500U laptop used for these initial tests.

While Chrome doesn’t score nearly 23% compared to the latest Firefox in these particular benchmarks when compared to the previous version, Chrome continues to lead the way in these browser tests:

These are the browser tests on Ubuntu with a Ryzen 5 laptop while getting similar results on other systems. Further tests are in progress, but so far nothing stands out in these tests other than a few percentage points improvements for Chrome 91 under Linux.

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