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Centerville Public Library Hosts Money Workshop for Kids

“The exhibition alone is an immersive experience. However, in addition, we will be offering a series of programs while we organize this to complement the exhibition itself,” the director said.

“An example would be an event we call “Market Day” which will take place in August. Children will have the chance to experience money through an interactive process where they might sell a product or need to buy a product as they observed their parents do when they go to a grocery store or a store, which gives them the opportunity to delve into specific areas. financial literacy,” she said.

Although the exhibition focuses on the youngest, there are a few programs aimed at teenagers: scholarships and applications for financial aid. Credit, interest and savings information is also included.

“Money is something that is incredibly important to every person and every family,” Penn said. “You cannot go through life without spending it and using it.

“Sometimes we don’t even know what questions to ask to fully understand, but the earlier we start, the more comfortable we are with money and its different uses, the more likely we are to be safe and successful. .”

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