Arcan 0.6.1 released with additional functions for this open source display stack


Arcan as an open source display server stack, which was originally built on a game engine and includes VR / XR, and which drives further new technologies, is released with a new version.

Arcan has grown into a pretty big project over the years for those who aren’t familiar with it from previous articles. Arcan describes himself on GitHub as “a powerful development framework for building virtually anything from user interfaces for specialized embedded applications to full-blown standalone desktop environments. At its heart is a robust and portable multimedia engine with a well-tested and well-documented Lua scripting interface. The development places great emphasis on security, debugability and performance – guided by the principle of least surprise in relation to the API design.

Arcan 0.6.1 has another huge amount of improvements to this original open source display / desktop stack. In particular, the publication focuses on the network layer, but also on core improvements. Some of the highlights of Arcan 0.6.1 are:

– Improvements to reduce input latency.

– Better handling of displays with variable rate refresh (VRR).

– Working on their A12 network protocol to replace the SSH / VNC / RDP / X11 network implementation. Your A12 / Arcan network code now uses Zstd for binary transfers, basic keystore has been implemented for crypto purposes, and more.

– Xarcan as X.Org fork now handles GPU transitions more elegantly and has a basic integration of the clipboard and accelerated cursor support.

– Various improvements to their EGL DRI code.

– Continuous improvements around their Lua script support.

– Arcane code should now be buildable on all major BSDs.

Learn more about Arcan 0.6.1 or download it from

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