24 stupidest choices for teen TV shows


I’m still screaming about some of these on TV!

So, I love teen shows. I live for watching messy teenage characters make terrible decisions and cause total chaos.

However, there are times when I just want to yell at my TV because a character did something that was fair so Stupid. I mean, they’re fictional teenagers – obviously they’re going to screw it up! But sometimes their choices are fair painful watch.

Here are 24 terrifying decisions teenagers made on TV shows:

Spoilers ahead !!


First, when Finn and Rachel got engaged during their senior year at school Joy.


It kills me when Rachel says, “We’re FINALLY getting married,” as if everyone were just on their knees waiting for them to announce this.


When Annie literally killed someone while driving drunk and then covered it up for an entire season 90210.

The CW

I still can’t believe this was an actual conspiracy, TBH. And then Annie only got three months of house arrest as a result?


When Lucas hid his potentially fatal heart condition just so he could keep playing basketball A tree hill.

The WB

Karen seriously deserved a medal for resigning herself to Lucas’ shit.


When Debbie purposely got pregnant at 15 Shameless.


When Archie pleaded guilty to murder, he did nothing just because he didn’t want to bring his family and friends to justice again Riverdale.


When Ginny and Marcus had sex without protection and she didn’t take Plan B until much later the next day Ginny & Georgia.


I mean, I’m glad she took something Precaution, but still.


When Jeanette kept breaking into Martin’s house to enjoy the thrill Cruel summer.


When Ben and Amy “married” with fake ID The secret life of American teenagers.


When Brandon and Callie slept together even though they were foster siblings The Fosters.


When Clare was just assuming the baby was Drews and neither Drew nor Eli were questioning it Degrassi: The next generation.


Everything about this whole story was honestly a feverish dream from start to finish. How could the doctors not confirm how far away Clare was? Why should she just assume Drew was the father when she’d literally slept with Eli a month earlier? Also – you tell me Audra don’t know who Eli is ?!


When Dan decided to have a threesome with his girlfriend and best friend who happened to be his girlfriend too Roommate on Gossip Girl.

The CW

Ahh, the iconic Hilary Duff appearance.


When Lucas cheated on Brooke with her best friend several times A tree hill.


When Miles almost gave up his dream university to stay with Tristan Degrassi: Next class.


I know Tristan recovered from the bus accident, but that relationship was it so rocky – besides, as a teenager, it’s rarely a good idea to leave your dream college to stay with someone significant.


When Cayetana found out that Polo killed Marina, she hid the murder weapon in her closet to cover him Elite.


TBH, that was a real ride or a cube train.


When Marcus rode his motorcycle without a license in the middle of the night and crashed because he was upset with Ginny Ginny & Georgia.


When Toby joined the A-Team to further “protect” Spencer Little lying beasts.


Troian’s acting here was absolutely phenomenal, however Man, I will never forgive the writers for this. Even if Toby thought he was protecting Spencer, it was dreadful.


When Rory and Dean had an affair while he was married Gilmore Girls.


When Blaine was with Kurt’s former bully Karofsky Joy.


When Emily was with Paige after Paige tried to drown her Little lying beasts.


When Tristan hacked Maya’s social media and pretended to be her so he could keep talking to Cam Degrassi: The next generation.


And Maya … just let him do this for weeks? And then were you surprised when Cam went crazy? To be fair, I understand why Tristan was afraid to speak to Cam in person. But My goodnessGuys.


When Rachel cheated on Finn and said they were “straight” because he slept with Santana before they were together Joy.


That’s seriously awful logic, Rachel.


When Jamie cheated on Kate with Jeanette and then tried to tell Kate that she didn’t indeed see them kissing in the park Cruel summer.


That was just annoying on so many levels. Not only did he cheat on Kate by making out with Jeanette, but he tried to get her – a kidnap victim – not to believe her own memory. Seriously troubled !!!


And finally, pretty much every single decision that has ever been made 13 reasons why.

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